OTTAWA - Pandora-Gilboa food stand is ready to serve up some delicious homemade food for you at the Putnam County Fair. Yes, the fair is just around the corner.

The stand is open at 7 a.m. to cook your breakfast the way you like it from sausage and eggs to ham and the favorite of kids, pancakes. The P-G stand is open until 11 p.m. and is there for lunch and dinner and the snacks in between. They carry a variety of sandwiches, as well as side salads, yogurt, fresh fruit, soups and nachos. Don't forget the wonderful pies. The P-G food stand is operated by over 200 volunteers, and the proceeds benefit the Athletic Boosters, Music Boosters, and School Boosters. Proceeds from the food stand are used to provide the classrooms K-12 with some items that are not within the school budget. Items that were purchased last year included alphabet stamps, Sunpack battery charger kits, classroom resources, listening center, Cannon Powershot cameras and charger, measuring and math center, Vocab Game Show center, fluency charts, Epson S 5 projector, heavy duty three hole punch, E-map software, books and more. The P-G School Boosters also reward a $400, two-year scholarship to a graduating senior.

If you have not been called by the calling committee to work in the food stand, please call Jan (Dan) Karhoff at 419-384-3972, Lisa (Don) Buess at 419-384-3981 or Joyce (Joe) Suter at 419-384-3597.

If you enjoy making pies and you would like to donate a pie, you may drop your pie(s) off as you come to the fair or you may take them to Ted's Market in Pandora before 7 a.m., (on Sunday not until 8 a.m.).

If anyone has questions or want to know more about the food stand and the P-G School Boosters, contact Jan Karhoff, Joyce Suter, Jennifer (Dennis)?Higley at 419-456-3262, or Theresa (Wayne) McOwen at 419-384-7322.