Traffic/April 17

James D. Hawkins, 28, Lima, pleaded guilty to driving under FRA non-compliance and was fined $150. He also pleaded guilty to failure to yield and was fined $50. A charge of right of way/stop sign was dismissed.

Stephanie A. Hernandez, 33, Leipsic, pleaded guilty to failure to control and was fined $150. She also pleaded guilty to open container and was fined $75. A charge of OVI was dismissed.

Civil/April 21

Brenda Perkins, Leipsic, to pay judgment of $2,359.86, plus interest and costs to the village of Leipsic.

Board of Putnam County Commissioners, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $2,664.51, plus interest and costs to Patricia Clementz, Cloverdale.

Civil/April 22

Stephanie Smith, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $2,871.23, plus interest and costs to Credit Adjustments, Inc., Defiance.


Eric James Deken, 32, Pandora, failure to control, $60 fine.

Robert P. Branham, 31, McComb, speeding, $50 fine.

Eileen F. Wilkinson, 59, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Richard E. Hudson, 57, Toledo, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Craig A. Cisco, 32, Lima, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Marilyn E. Calvelage, 63, Ft. Jennings, speeding, $50 fine.

Terry J. White, 47, Glandorf, speeding, $50 fine.

Kevin J. Kettels, 55, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Danielle L. Kelley, 25, Lima, speeding, $80 fine.

Kathleen M. Damm, 51, Middletown, speeding, $60 fine.

Rhonda S. Fawcett, 43, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Samantha Madsen, 18, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Diane M. Quintero, 26, Columbus Grove, seat belt driver, $40

Joan Koenig, 60, Continental, speed-25 mph zone, $50 fine.

Melvin G. Hanneman, 71, Kalida, following too close, $50 fine.

Franklin T. Miller Jr., 68, Kalida, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Betty L. Muffley, 77, Ottawa, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Dylan P. Schey, 18, Leipsic, traffic control device violation, $50 fine.

Vikek Lachke, 48, Sidney, speeding, $50 fine.

Chad E. Smith, 31, Bloomdale, speeding, $50 fine.

Lewis A. Smith, 20, Lima, speeding, $100 fine.

Jeffrey P. Pohlman, 26, Delphos, speeding, $50 fine.

Ryan J. Greve, 28, Ottawa, driving under FRA/non compliance susp., $150 fine.

Aaron M. Gerdeman, 28, Dublin, speeding, $80 fine.

Christopher T. Peshek, 30, Mentor, speeding, $50 fine.

Edward M. Taylor, 71, Convoy, speeding, $60 fine.

Larry D. Black, 57, Van Wert, speeding, $50 fine.

Karen Peschel, 48, Findlay, speed-35 mph zone, $50 fine.

Brittany M. Kortokrax, 21, Fort Jennings, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Richard L. Hess, 73, Bryan, speeding, $60 fine.

Eric D. Fischnich, 27, Ottawa, seat belt driver $40 fine.

Loretta L. Burgei, 44, Columbus Grove, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Karl J. Schroeder, 63, Columbus Grove, speeding, $50 fine.

Chelsea R. Moore, 23, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Tyler S. Obringer, 22, Pandora, driving under FRA/non compliance susp., $150 fine.

Molly M. Dickmann, 45, Hilliard, speeding, $50 fine.

Christon M. Lindeman, 35, Delphos, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Jessica L. Talbott, 34, Grover Hill, speeding, $50 fine.

Joseph D. Krendl, 45, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Marvin A. Conkright, 85, Continental, speeding, $60 fine.

Richard L. Miller, 48, Fort Jennings, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Cynthia M. Anspach, 61, Columbus Grove, speed-35 mph zone, $50 fine.

Phillip Hollenbaugh, 66, Bowling Green, speed-35 mph zone, $60 fine.

Alice G. Riggs, 60, Navarre, speeding, $50 fine.

Alexis H. Bockrath, 21, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Chelsea Lynn Gerten, 22, Leipsic, speeding, $60 fine.

Patricia Gerschutz, 65, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Zachary John Bruskotter, 19, Ottawa, $50 fine.

Ronda L. Ritter, 45, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Janis K. McKibben, 55, Continental, speeding, $80 fine.

Wilbur Schroeder, 86, Columbus Grove, speeding, $60 fine.

Andrew J. Miller, 25, Ottawa, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Patricia R. Niese, 63, Leipsic, speeding, $50 fine.

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