Criminal/Feb. 23

Angela L. Price, 38, Columbus Grove, pleaded no contest to obstructing justice, sentenced to 30 days’ jail, suspended, and fined $250.

Traffic/Feb. 23

Robert L. Pavel, 61, Fort Jennings, pleaded no contest to OVI, sentenced to 180 days’ jail, 174 days suspended, fined $750, $375 suspended, one year license suspension, with credit for three days’ jail upon completion of DIP.

Traffic/Feb. 27

Jeremy C. Dunbar, 19, Kalida, pleaded no contest to driving without a valid license and was fined $250.

Civil/Feb. 27

Danielle J. Sloan, Continental, to pay judgment of $2,698.57, plus costs to Discover Bank, New Albany.

Jacob R. Sloan, Continental, to pay judgment of $1,827.22, plus costs to Discover Bank, New Albany.

Kim K. Bartley, Continental, to pay judgment of $3,141.43, plus interest and costs to Midland Funding, LLC, San Diego.

Criminal/Feb. 28

Zachary B. Stephens, Elida, pleaded guilty to drug abuse/possession, sentenced to six-month license suspension, fined $150. He was also fined $150 for drug paraphernalia, $150 for driving under FRA/non-compliance, and $50 for expired plates.

Traffic/Feb. 28

Alexander M. Schroeder, 36, Findlay, pleaded guilty to failure to reinstate license and was fined $150 fine. He was also fined $50 for unauthorized plates.

Civil/Feb. 28

Amy L. Owens, Miller City, $1,551.57, plus interest and costs to Cavalry Spv I, LLC, Valhalla, N.Y.

Civil/March 1

Henry Hicks, Nelsonville, to pay judgment of $609, plus interest and costs to Steven A. Buddelmeyer, Ottawa.

Civil/March 2

Steven Young, Columbus Grove, and Kimberly M. Young, Columbus Grove, to pay judgment of $333.91, plus interest and costs to Lima Memorial Professional Corp.


Hannah N. Peterson, 20, Jackson, Michigan, speeding, $60 fine.

Nancy C. Mortimer, 39, Columbus Grove, speeding, $60 fine.

Rosa E. Bustos, 28, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Roy L. Grinnell, Jr., 47, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Cheryl L. Hoste, 58, Wauseon, speeding, $50 fine.

Randy E. Abraham, 65, New Carlisle, expired registration/plates, $50 fine.

Jonelle A. Tooman, 27, Leipsic, driving under judgment suspension (b) and failure to control, $210 fine.

Jason A. Roush, 45, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Donald D. Stover, 42, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Christopher R. Howell, 29, Westerville, speeding, $50 fine.

Bethany J. Beggs, 26, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Shelley S. Schilperoot, 35, Troy, speeding, $60 fine.

Timothy A. Kight, 64, Dublin, Ohio, speeding, $50 fine.

Katherine A. Grovum, 59, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, speeding, $50 fine.

Edward H. Rogerson, 60, West Chester, speeding, $80 fine.

Anneleise R. Ritzi, 19, Findlay, speeding, $60 fine.

Olivia E. Johnson, 20, Cloverdale, speeding, $50 fine.

David P. Schoonover, 60, Wauseon, overload gross/overload axle, $80 fine.

Melanie A. Thorbahn, 43, Ottoville, speeding, $50 fine.

Matt C. Fickel, 46, Cecil, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Laura L. Fox, 33, Defiance, speeding, $50 fine.

Jennifer R. Wagner, 31, Ottawa, speeding, $80 fine.

Laura S. Leaders, 25, Napoleon, overload gross/overload axle, $132 fine.

Jeffrey E. Watkins, 57, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Ronald L. Fowler, 60, Cincinnati, speeding, $60 fine.

Shaun M. Moening, 38, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Georgie Williamson, 68, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Brenda M. Ball, 59, Ottawa, traffic control device violation, $50 fine.

Kenneth W. Peterson, 40, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Bianca C. Celestino, 20, Defiance, speeding, $60 fine.

Neil K. Straley, 46, Van Wert, speeding, $80 fine.

Rochelle K. Neely, 28, Spencerville, speeding, $50 fine.

Hugh E. Griffis, 61, Tipp City, speeding, $40 fine.

Raymond L. Titus, 41, Decatur, Indiana, speeding, $50 fine.

Suellen M. Backus, 49, Ottawa, speeding, $80 fine.

Justin C. Bonzani, 22, Dayton, speeding, $50 fine.

Chad D. Becker, 42, Kalida, speeding, $50 fine.

Jacob C. Ferguson, 25, Huntsville, speeding, $50 fine.

Steven L. Fenter, 53, Oakwood, driving under suspension license forfeiture (a), $150 fine.

Lori Kahle, 55, Ft. Jennings, speeding, $50 fine.

Brian Good, 22, Ft. Jennings, failure to control, $60 fine.

Rita M. Dietrich, 68, Bluffton, speeding, $60 fine.

Zane A. Relyea, 18, Defiance, tinted windows, $50 fine.

Francis P. Hashbarger, 55, Glandorf, speeding, $50 fine.

Larry M. Vaughn, 47, West Unity, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Katelyn R. Hanneman, 20, Columbus Grove, speeding, $60 fine.

Chloe B. Everett, 19, Ottawa, speeding, $100 fine.

Zechariah W. Callipare, 23, Lima, speeding, $60 fine.

Terri L. Reams, 60, Ada, speeding, $50 fine.

Benjamin L. Seibert, 25, Van Wert, stop lights required, $50 fine.

Sarah E. Young, 36, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Ronald D. Glass, 59, Ottawa, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Kristy Lynn Sudlow, 36, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.