Charles L. Oen, 21, Orient, Ohio, motion for judicial release is overruled.

Mark L. Apple, 43, Leipsic, pleaded guilty to one count of (attempted) domestic violence. Sentenced to three years community control. Court further imposes following conditions and sanctions of defendant's community control: serve 90 days in Putnam County Jail with credit for three days previously served. Defendant granted work release. Undergo drug and alcohol use monitoring. Undergo drug and alcohol treatment and assessment and follow all recommendations resulting from assessments and/or treatments. Not consume alcohol. Maintain employment. Undergo mental health counseling. Undergo domestic violence counseling. Pay court costs of this action. Violation of any term of this sentence shall lead to a more restrictive sentence for defendant. Defendant shall be remanded to Putnam County Jail for execution of sentence.
Steven F. Combs, Bowling Green, motion to remove sex offender classification is overruled.
Adrian Carrillo, 28, Leipsic, pleaded no contest to one count of gross sexual imposition and one count of (attempt) importuning. Sentenced to 60 months on count I and 18 months on count II at ODRC. Sentences to be served consecutively and defendant given credit for 109 days previously served plus credit for any additional days served while pending transfer into custody. Defendant will be subject to a period of supervision under post release control for five years as parole board deems appropriate. If defendant violates terms of post release control, parole board may return offender to prison for maximum period of 1/2 the stated prison term. Defendant shall pay court costs of this action. Court further advised that he shall be subject to certain appeal rights under criminal rule 32. Defendant remanded into custody of Putnam County Sheriff's Office for execution of sentence.
Jose E. Garcia, 26, Ottawa, motion for judicial release is overruled.