Robin Marie Fox, Leipsic, to pay judgment of $4,449.47, plus pre-judgment interest totaling $1,910.03, for a total judgment of $6,359.50, and post-judgment interest and the costs of this action to National Credit Adjusters, LLC, Hutchinson, Kan.
Patricia J. Chassion, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $1,132 plus interest thereafter on the principal balance and costs to Midland Funding LLC, San Diego, Calif.
Kristen Nicole Kruse, Continental, to pay judgment of $675.50 and interest from plus its costs incurred herein to Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance.
Henry C. Wainscott, 29, Lima, pleaded guilty to charge of disorderly conduct, found guilty, fined $100 with $100 of fine suspended on condition: he has no similar offense in two years and has no contact with victims.
Chadd M. Sigler, 32, Columbus Grove, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of unauthorized use of property, found guilty, fined $150 and 30 days jail with 30 days jail suspended on condition he has no similar offense in two years. Defendant to report to Putnam County Sheriff Office within 24 hours for booking purposes for fingerprinting only.
Scott E. Welch, 40, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of tail lights, found guilty, fined $50.
Terrence L. Hunt, 30, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to charge of driving under suspension non compliance, found guilty, fined $1,000 and 200 hours of community service with $700 of fine and community service suspended on condition he has no similar or DUS or failure to reinstate or NOL in two years. Defendant obtain privileges or valid status within 60 days.
Todd J. Mangas, 23, Leipsic, pleaded no contest to charge of points penalties and appeals (12 point suspension), found guilty, fined $250 and 180 days jail with 140 days jail suspended on condition he has no similar offense in two years or DUS or NOL or failure to reinstate, pay fine and cost within 120 days. Defendant to report to the Putnam County Jail to serve 40 days jail. Jail may be served with work release if qualifies.
Roxana S. Palmer, 56, Leipsic, entered a guilty plea to an amended charge of speed 64/55 zone, found guilty, fined $50.
Matthew C. East, 31, Delphos, pleaded no contest to charge of failure to reinstate license, found guilty, fined $150.
Kristen M. Pickens, 37, Ottawa, pleaded no contest to charge of improper passing, found guilty, fined $50.
Sterling A. Peters, 41, Ft. Wayne, Ind., seat belt occupant restraining devices, $40 fine.
Sarah R. Tewksbury, 27, Van Wert, speeding, $50 fine.
Michael J. Zachrich, 41, Continental, speeding, $60 fine.
Jon C. Laudick, 44, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.
Tyler M. Kalfas, 19, Florence, Ky., speeding, $50 fine.
Carla S. Ellerbrock, 45, Leipsic, traffic control device violation, $50 fine.
Rakesh Kumar, 44, Crystal Lake, Ill., speeding, $60 fine.
Janiece M. McCall, 47, Wapakoneta, speeding, $60 fine.
Patricia R. Guisinger, 47, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.
Jamie S. Joseph, 42, Delphos, speeding, $80 fine.
Beth L. Carrier, 51, Elida, speeding, $50 fine.
Steven J. Landwehr, 43, Ft. Jennings, speeding, $60 fine.
Nolan P. Killion, 26, Defiance, traffic control device, $50 fine.
Robert R. Sandwisch, 47, Fremont, speeding, $50 fine.
Johnny J. Aguilera, 40, Bryan, speeding, $40 fine.
Sandra D. Shawver, 43, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.
Tara A. Wannemacher, 25, Ottoville, speeding, $50 fine.
Brett E. White, 56, Paulding, speeding, $60 fine.
James R. Combs, 26, Continental, speeding, $60 fine.
Tanya R. Korte, 18, Fort Jennings, right-of-way at stop sign, $40 fine.
Ryan D. Johnson, 22, Lima, speeding, $60 fine.
Ryan C. Schlumbohm, 31, Pandora, speeding, $50 fine.