Nov. 13

A stolen vehicle was reported in Columbus Grove.

Child endangerment was reported in Pandora.

Nov. 14

A suicide threat was made in Pandora.


Nov. 5

The Ottawa Fire Department responded to a call at 904 S. Oak St. in Ottawa. The resident needed assistance in changing the battery in her smoke detector. The battery on the alarm was low. The Ottawa Fire Department did ask for someone with a carbon monoxide detector present at the scene.

A structure fire was reported at Northwest Tractor Supply, on 825 N. Belmore St. in Leipsic. The Leipsic Fire Department was the first to respond and reported a house trailer was on fire. No injuries were reported.

Nov. 6

Leipsic Fire Department was called for a rekindled fire at Northwest Tractor Supply from the previous day. No further report was made

Nov. 11

A filed fire was reported in Vaughnsville at the intersection of Water St. and Pearl St. No EMS was needed.

Nov. 12

A possible furnace fire was reported at 128 Truax St. in Coloverdale. Everyone was sad to be out of the residence and no injuries were reported.


Nov. 13

Lisa M. Pugh, 34, of Van Wert, was traveling west on U.S. Rt. 224 and struck a deer that ran into the roadway.

Connie L. Centers, 46 of Continental, was heading northwest on St. Rt. 15 when a deer ran out in front of her.

Janice D. Pittinger, 53 of Defiance, was traveling northwest on St. Rt. 15 when a deer ran out and was hit by Pittinger.

Nov. 14

Larry A. Horstman, 66, of Cloverdale, was stopped and was backing up to turn around. Melissa L. Hammersmith, 37 of Defiance,was stopped behind and Horstman backed up and struck Hammersmith.

Nov. 15

Todd M. Carr 34, of Ottawa, was traveling south on St. Rt. 109 and struck a deer that had run onto the road.

Lynette M. Ordaz, 57, of Continental, was traveling north on St. Rt. 115 and hit a westbound deer.

Steven M. Hammon, 47 of Oakwood, was heading west on St. Rt. 613 when a deer that was running north ran in front of him. Hammon attempted to avoid the deer and struck a tree on the property of 9762 St. Rt. 613. Hammon avoided the deer, but had heavy damage to the rear driver side of his vehicle.

Nov. 16

Benjamin A. Shepard, 52, of Bryan, was traveling north on St. Rt. 115 as Zachary T. Maas, 29 of Columbus Grove, slowed to turn right onto Rd. G. Shepard was unable to stop and rear ended Maas.

Samantha J. Eitniear, 26, of Columbus was traveling north on St. Rt. 115 and struck a deer that ran onto the roadway.