Oct. 16
Domestic Violence was reported in Ottawa.
Vandalism was reported in Ottawa Twp.
Vandalism was reported in Ottawa.
Oct. 18
A domestic dispute was reported in Ottawa Twp.
Oct. 22
Assault was reported in Columbus Grove. 
Oct. 16
Mark J. Haselman, 54 of Leipsic,was traveling northbound on Co. Rd. 19 and stopped for the stop sign at Co. Rd. E-16. Haselman said he began pulling out and stopped when he saw  a westbound vehicle. Jennifer R.  Eagleson, 27 of Ottawa, traveling west went off the right side of the roadway to avoid hitting Haselman. Eagleson struck a small embarkment and came to rest in a cornfield. The owner of the cornfield is Charles and Mike Bidlack. Haselman was charged with stop sign violation. 
Oct. 18
Linda M. Kettels, 42 of Ottawa, was west bound on St. Rt. 15 when a deer ran north. Kettels struck the deer. 
Lloyd R. Butler Jr. 69 of Continental, was west on St. Rt. 613 when a deer crossed his path from the north. Buttler struck the deer. 
Oct. 19
David Kunz, 43 of Delphos, stated that he was driving on St. Rt. 190 at 55 mph when a deer ran in front of his vehicle. The deer was struck but left the scene, and the vehicle was damaged but was driven from the scene. 
Nathan T. Schroeder, 33, of Leipsic, was traveling on Co. Rd. 6 when he began to skid as he was exiting a slight curve in the road. The vehicle came to rest on it's passenger side at the south of the intersection at Co. Rd. 6 and Rd. L. Schroeder was charges with failure to control. 
Daniel Roy Martin, 34 of Cloverdale, was traveling east on St. Rt. 114 toward Kalida. After the second set of curves, Martin lost control of his vehicle on the wet pavement sliding sideways and ended up in a corn field. Martin did not call the Sheriff's office until the following day. 
Oct. 20
Ariel M. Berger, 17 of Continental, stated she was traveling west on Rd. B when she went off the right edge of the road. Berger stated she overcompensated, went off the left side of the road and struck a Paulding-Putnam Electric pole. She then rolled until the vehicle came to rest on it's side. 
Jonathon F. Hanneman, 28 of Glandorf, stated he was driving west on Rd. J at 50 mph when a southbound deer ran into his path. Hanneman struck the deer damaging the front right of his vehicle. 
Oct. 21
Kirk A. Boroff, 22 of Elida, failed to yield the right of way to Alexander J. Miller, 24 of Continental. Miller was traveling east on Rd. M. Boroff stated that while stopped at the stop sign on Rd. M he did not observe the southbound lane and entered the intersection. Boroff was sited with a yield sign violation, yield the right of way.