Dec. 11

A truck was reported to be on fire near Carter Lumber located at 9300 Ottawa Rd. in Columbus Grove. The Columbus Grove Fire Department was the first to respond. No one was reported in the truck.

A pick-up truck was reported on fire outside, at the address 629 E. Mathias St in Leipsic.

Dec. 17

A dryer caught fire at a residence located at 2867 Rd 6 in Van Buren Twp. Van Buren Twp. Was the first to respond. No injuries were reported.


Dec. 11

Oran Verhoff, 42, of Continental stated he was northbound on Main St. in Miller City. He looked to the left and looked back to see he was closer to the vehicle in front of him than he though. He struck Deb Schimmoeller, 50, of Fort Jennings.

Dec. 12

Lois E. Shoup, 61 of Defiance, was heading northwest on St. Rt. 15. A deer ran out in front of the vehicle. Shoup hit the deer.

Dec. 13

Jordan D. Pingle, 34 of Columbus Grove, was traveling north on St. Rt. 65 when he struck a deer that ran into the road.

Sharon P. Lucas, 18 of Cloverdale, was traveling on Rd. 16-O when a deer ran into her path. Lucas veered off the road and rolled her car. She was taken to St. Rita's Ambulatory Care.

Dec. 15

Douglas E. Hicks, 45 of Gahanna, was traveling north on St. Rt. 115 when he struck a deer as it was attempting to cross the highway.

Nicholas M. Keck, 20 of Continental, was northbound when a deer ran into the path of his vehicle. He was traveling on Rd. 22