PUTNAM COUNTY — Members of the Putnam County 911 board have decided to place a 1.25 replacement levy on the November ballot. Members of the board met at the Putnam County Court House last Thursday morning.

Brad Brubaker, 911 coordinator, said this will be the earliest they can put the levy on the ballot. In 2009 Putnam County voters approved a five-year, one percent replacement levy and .25 increase levy for the 911 program. This levy will expire at the end of 2015.

The replacement or renewal levy would be use for the operation of the county-wide 911 system plus continued expenses to upgrade the system.

Board members considered whether to place a renewal or replacement levy on the November ballot.

A renewal levy would mean the collection would be based on the 2009 land valuation rate with rollbacks. The county would collect approximately $838,719. The estimated annual cost for a property owner with a $100,000 home would be $39.00.

Collection for a replacement levy would be based on current land value. The county would collect an estimated $928,000. The cost for the owner of a $100,000 home would be approximately $43.75.

The money generated by the levy is not part of the county general fund as it is it is only used for the 9-1-1 center.

Upcoming expenses were discussed during the board meeting including Brubaker, Putnam County Commissioner John Love, Putnam County Sheriff Mike Chandler, EMA/EMS Coordinator Steve Odenweller, Probate Judge Mike Borer, Kalida Fireman Tom Rampe, and Ottoville Fireman W.D. Miller.

Odenweller said the county is going to have to address the cost of replacing MARCS radio batteries that are dying. This is the communication system used by the Putnam County’s safety services, villages, townships and schools. The county has 364 radios. The cost for a new battery is $100 to $150 to replace. Most of the cost of these radios is an expense of the county.

Brubaker said the county will also have to make more upgrades because of the changes in technology. One change he said under study is upgrading the system, so 911 callers could text information if necessary.

All of the board members agreed to proceed with the steps to place a replacement levy on the November Ballot. This will mean having the Putnam County Commissioners make a resolution . The deadline to file the levy language with the Putnam County Board of Election is Aug. 6.