CG Grocery, formerly Kohls Market, in Columbus Grove, is closing on April 30. (Putnam Sentinel/Nancy Kline)
CG Grocery, formerly Kohls Market, in Columbus Grove, is closing on April 30. (Putnam Sentinel/Nancy Kline)

COLUMBUS GROVE — A long-time downtown business in Columbus Grove is closing their doors.

Members of the Kohls family have announced they are closing CG Grocery, formerly Kohls Market, in Columbus Grove.

A few months ago, co-owner Mark Kohls told council members there were looking for a potential buyer for the store. During the April 14 meeting he said this was to no avail and because of only going losses at the Columbus Grove location over several years the decision had been made to close the store.

“There is no truth to the rumor that we have been made offers like from Community Market,” Kohls said at the meeting. “These are only rumors.”

Kohls said Kohls Market does not own the building. “We only lease it,” he said. “The owner will obviously be looking for a new tenant.”

The Ottawa Kohls will remain open.

“We will continue to offer the fresh meat and fresh produce we are know for,” Kohls said.

The family has wrote the following letter for the village and their customers.

To our customers

CG Grocery, formerly Kohls Market, will be closing April 30, 2013. The Kohls Family has had a story in Columbus Grove since the 1930’s. It has been fun, stressful, rewarding, trying entertaining, frustrating, and fulfilling. Most of all, it’s been a great pleasure being able to serve the people and making a living in our wonderful small town.

The nature of the business and of people’s lives has changed greatly over the decades. Our store and the way we do business has changed and adapted many times since the 30’s. The nature of the grocery business today is such that it is nearly impossible for the small store in a small town to survive.

Unfortunately, the small town, locally-owned grocery stores are going the way of the Dinosaurs. Our store in Columbus Grove is no exception.

Not only is it no longer possible to make a living, for the last several years there have been increasing losses. These mounting losses are no longer sustainable.

For several months a buyer has been sought to no avail. Therefore, our only option is to close.

We take this opportunity to say a Big “Thank-you” to the people of Columbus Grove past and present for the wonderful experience of doing business here for the last 80 years.

We go forward with faith in God, believing that when one door closes, He opens another.

The Kohls Family