CONTINENTAL— And the survey says….

During the Village of Continental’s second Neighborhood Revitalization Grant (NRG) meeting on March 8, the results of the community needs survey were revealed and discussions on improvement priorities began.

Paul Tecpanecatl, from Poggemeyer Design Group, said the Village received 125 responses to the survey from residents. “I think we had a tremendous response!” he announced. “That is a turn-in ratio of about 30 percent. We were pleased with that response.” The Village is partnering with Poggemeyer’s on the NRG, as that company will put together estimates for each project.

Tecpanecatl distributed handouts to each audience member, which detailed residents’ top suggestions for improvements in the Village. He said in order to get a better understanding of the results, he tallied the top ten categories by percentage when aggregating the great, moderate, and slight need responses within each category, as this composite ranking presented a more Village-wide perspective of community need. Those categories included: street improvements; sidewalks; demolition; recycling; park and recreation facilities; water facility improvements; flood and drainage facilities; streetlights; neighborhood facilities; street curb and gutters.

“With those top items, we will be able to come up with some recommendations and projects,” Tecpanecatl said. “We need at least three (projects), and I think we can come up with four.” He said that some residents included comments in their surveys

Continental will be competing with other communities around the state for the NRG. Grant awards will be based on need, low- and moderate-income population, and citizen input.

The attendance at this meeting increased by more than 25 percent from the previous meeting. This impressed both Tecpanecatl and Mayor Matt Miller. “The point of the meetings is community participation,” Miller noted. “Thank you to everyone who has come out and shown an interest. This is a group effort.”

Miller said the Village is getting a better idea of what projects they will target, according to the survey. They will select a minimum of three projects, and can receive up to $500,000 in grant monies. “Our goal is to spread as much of the money as possible and have the greatest impact in the Village as we can,” Miller related.

Village resident Toby Sullivan had completed the survey and was present for the meeting. “The results were about what I had expected,” he confirmed.

ContinBen and Darla Moran were also in attendance, as they had a specific need they would like to be addressed. The couple was able to speak with the Mayor regarding their issue.

NRG meetings three and four will be held on the same day, April 11 to accommodate residents’ schedules. Meeting three is slated to begin at 1 p.m., and will be a review of the information presented thus far. Meeting four is set for 6:30 p.m.; the agenda will include looking at specific projects and costs. Both meetings will take place at the American Legion Winnow-Arn Post 541, located at 109 South Fifth Street.