KALIDA — Kalida’s Four Seasons Park will offer twice the fun when, in six weeks time, playground equipment arrives for the north side of the park along Road M. During Monday’s regular meeting of council, members approved the order. Park maintenance will also be assisted through the use of a donated tractor which will be insured as soon as the necessary paperwork is completed, said council member Dick Schulte.

Road M itself will be under construction. Some discussion ensued regarding widening of the road, but the concensus was that this “would make it more of a raceway than it already is. Council agreed that work should progress as far as grinding the road down, putting in 11 inches of base and three inches on top of that. From Road 18 to State Route 115, the cost to the village will be $9,724 and from Road 18 to State Route 114 repairs will amount to $37, 293.75. Council member John Edelbrock explained that Union Township will pay for half (the north side of the road) of the latter stretch.

A contract was awarded to Hohenbrink Excavating to begin work on a force main discharge pipeline. Kalida Board of Public Affairs member Ron Knueve said that a $125,000 grant has been obtained as well as a matching loan to begin the project.

A more colorful addition to village aesthetics is on display for public review for two weeks in front of the Kalida village offices. A prototype flag is temporarily afixed to the lampost at the corner of S. Broad and Plum Streets. It depicts Kalida School’s mascot Wildcat. Council is considering ordering street lamp flags with this image as well as some with seasonal graphics.

In other business, council:

• agreed to place a renewal levy for current expenses on the November ballot;

• approved pay raises for village employees retroactive to July 1;

• agreed to fund $21,219.63 for a new village siren, part of which will be paid through a grant secured by the Kalida Fire Department in the amount of $12,365.