OTTAWA — Putnam County is conducting a coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan update meeting.  The public meeting will be held on April 23, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Putnam County Library, 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa. The agenda includes a discussion of the content of the current locally developed coordinated public transit and human service transportation plan, unmet transportation needs, existing coordination efforts, and the process for developing an action plan for improving coordination efforts in the region over the next four years.  This public meeting will provide a unique opportunity for the public to share transit needs and vision for their community. Transportation providers, human service agencies, and other advocates will also want to attend to discuss this important topic.  


In July of 2012, Congress passed the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) replacing Safe, Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU).   This reauthorization repealed several transit grants including; the Clean Fuels Grant(5308), Job Access Reverse Commute Grant(5316), New Freedom Grant Program(5317), Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in the Parks Grant(5320), Alternatives Analysis Grant(5339), and Over the Road Bus Grant(Sec.3038-TEA-21).  Funds from some of the repealed grants were consolidated including the Job Access Reverse Commute Grant funds which were consolidated with Urbanized Area Formula Grant(5307) and Rural Area Formula Grant(5311) and New Freedom Program Grant funds which were consolidated with Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Grant(5310).  

One of the MAP-21 requirements is that projects and organizations planning to apply for funding from the programs listed above must be part of a “locally developed coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan.”  This plan must be developed through a process that includes representatives from public, private, and non-profit transportation services, human services providers and the general public.  Putnam County initially developed a coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan in 2010. This existing plan must be updated to include transportation and mobility strategies for the next four years.


Agencies who receive or intend to receive funding under Sections 5310 or 5311 programs must participate in coordination planning and development for the updated plans.


If you have questions about this meeting please contact, Claire Helmers at 937-299-5007 or .  You may also contact Jodi Warnecke at the Putnam County Council on Aging at 419-523-4121 or 


The Putnam County Library is an accessible facility.  If you require any additional assistance, please contact, Claire Helmers at 937-299-5007 or  or Jodi Warnecke at 419-523-4121 or 


Interested parties unable to attend may send their comments to Claire Helmers at:  or to RLS & Associates, Inc.  3131 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite 545 Dayton, OH.  45439 or to Jodi Warnecke at the Putnam County Council on Aging, 1425 E. Fourth Street, Ottawa, OH  45875 or email to