PUTNAM COUNTY — After much discussion members of the steering committee for a proposed regional water and sewer district have come up with a name for the district.

Members of the Steering Committee met Thursday to receive updated information on the progress of forming a district and talk about getting information out to villages, townships and residents about the district.

The regional water and sewer district will be called the Black Swamp Regional Water and Sewer District. The committee members felt it was important to have a name that would still apply if the district is ever extended beyond the Putnam County boundaries.

Progress continues on a study to plan a regional water and sewer district in Putnam County. The county was awarded a $100,000 Ohio Local Government Innovative Grant last Dec. to do the necessary work to form a regional water and sewer district under Ohio Revised Code 6119.

During a prior feasibility study done after Ottawa received a LGIF grant, a recommendation was issued that a regional water and sewer district could mean “significant opportunities for meaningful savings, both in capital costs and annual O & M (operations and maintenance) expenses.

Poggemeyer Design Group Inc. is doing the preparation to establish a water and sewer region,

Linda M. Amos, of Poggemeyer Design Group, told members of the steering committee the next step in the process was to talk to village councils and township trustee members.

“We need to know what systems and services they have,” Amos said. “It’s also important they know that nothing’s been decided about the district. All that has been done is receipt of a grant to establish a district and preliminary work.”

The council recently sent out a letter to each entity in Putnam County about the process including requesting a meeting with each entity to discuss potential participation in the proposed regional water and sewer district.

Poggemeyer Design Group Inc., along with steering committee members will be attending the meetings to discuss the district.

Questions entities will be asked will include if they would consider being a member of the regional water and sewer district in Putnam County, if their water and/or wastewater system have excess capacity, and if they would be willing to provide services outside of their jurisdiction.

Once the plan is complete’ participants will have to petition the Court of Common Pleas Court to establish a regional water and sewer district in Putnam County. This plan has to include a finance plan and a plan of operation for the proposed district.

Prior to filing the plan public information meetings have to be held The plan has to include a financing plan, planned administrative policies, and how billing and collection will take place.

The steering committee agreed a web page/Facebook page should be established to keep residents updated on the progress of the district.

The next steering committee meeting is 1 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 14, in the court house assembly room. The public is welcome to attend.