PUTNAM COUNTY - 4-H is a non-formal, educational, youth development program that is offered to kids age 5 and in Kindergarten to 19 in every county in Ohio, every state in the nation and 88 countries around the world.
Nearly 300,000 Ohio youth are enrolled in 4-H youth development programs and activities in 2012. There are 850 youth enrolled in Putnam County. The 4-H program utilizes four primary delivery methods to educate youth. These methods include community clubs and school enrichment, special emphasis and camping programs.

Three types of learning experiences are emphasized in 4-H youth development programs and activities: hands-on (making, producing, practicing, observing, etc.); organized activities (demonstrations, workshops, field trips, camps, etc.); and leadership/citizenship (conducting, planning, assisting, informing, organizing, etc.)

4-H offers learning experiences in more than 200 subject matter areas. Some of these subject matter areas include: health, family life, photography, aerospace science, bicycles, natural resources, safety, horticulture and nutrition.

Volunteers are an essential part of the overall 4-H program. Approximately 30,000 youth and adult volunteers participate in the Ohio 4-H program this year. 4-H volunteers have the opportunity to contribute their time, energies, talents, and knowledge to help develop 4-H youth in a positive, educational way.

One out of every six people in Ohio has been or is currently involved with 4-H youth development programs either as a member, parent, volunteer, or donor. There are currently 45 million 4-H alumni nationwide.

The Ohio 4-H program is coordinated by County and State 4-H Youth Development professionals, who are staff and faculty members of Ohio State University Extension. 4-H Youth Development is represented by over 100 4-H Youth Development Educators working in each of the 88 Ohio counties.

Enrollment deadline is March 15 and many clubs are already active. Anyone wishing to learn more about the Putnam County 4-H program or join should contact Jason Hedrick at the Putnam County OSU Extension Office (419) 523-6294.