Leipsic's Mayor Kevin Benton began Tuesday, Jan. 22 meeting with his State of the village Address. "While 2012 started and ended with the Village of Leipsic still under a status of fiscal emergency, we are in a much more stable financial condition..." he said. "We continue to grow. Protec Coating committed to a $400 million expansion, Patrick Plastics is nearing completion of a 100,000 square foot warehouse and the village stared, and is almost finished with a $4 million expansion of renovation at the waster water treatment plant."

Regular business was also carried out at the meeting. An ordinance establishing the rates to be charges for water service was read for the third time, as well as another establishing the rules. Both were passed by council.
Legislation was prepared and had the first reading regarding the street vacation between lots 603 and 632, within the Village Limits.
The mutual aid contract was also the place holder on the agenda. Because the village has received a request to amend the current Mutual Aid contract with the Ottawa Fire Department, action must be taken to decide the movement of council. No action had been taken as of Tuesday.
Benton was asked to appoint two members to represent the Village on the Tex Incentive Review Council, and chose Village Administrator Kevin Lammon, and Village Treasure Renee Spangler.
Finally legislations was presented, because of all the house and training the volunteer fireman of Leipsic have to put in to stay certified, they will now be compensated by the village with an hourly wage.
The next Leipsic Council meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 4 at 7:30 p.m. at the Village Building.
"We are making progress with every day we go forward. Standing still may as well be going backwards and like always, we will try to make sure this is a community you can be proud to call home," Benton finished.