Superintendent Greg Williamson is pictured congratulating Matthew Hohenbrink with a certificate of award.
Superintendent Greg Williamson is pictured congratulating Matthew Hohenbrink with a certificate of award.
The board was asked to amend the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) agreement between the Leipsic Board of Education and Patrick Products Inc.,/Patrick Holding Inc, 2012 extending the completion date to Dec. 31 2013. The first PILOT payment to be reviewed by the board will be in 2015. After a brief discussion by the board and the recommendations by Treasurer David Miller, the amendment was approved.
Elementary Principal Darren Henry gave his report with nothing but good news. The elementary held their first annual Christmas bingo program on Tuesday, Dec. 13. He stated that the turnout was near 150 people, and he hopes that these kinds of activities will increase parental involvement in the school system. He also went on to congratulate fifth grader Cole Williamson for his outstanding finish in the story writing contest.
"We also had three third graders including: Matthew Hohenbrink, Catherine Essinger and Julian Sanchez, that took place in question contest. Each student was able to answer 1,000 questions in an allotted amount of days and Matthew finished first in the contest." Said Henry. "This was a contest of students up to the eighth grade, and Matthew, a third grader, won first place."
Superintendent Greg Williamson also congratulated the students with a certificate of award.
Williamson then gave his report on the Race to the Top.
"Our goal is to have transparent communication with you (the board of education) on where our money is going and what training items we are covering with our Race to the Top Program. One thing we are working on is a new assessment for students. We would like each teacher to create an assessment before planning a lesson. This will allow them to teach based on what the student already know or don't know." he said. "My three questions have always been: 1. What is it we want to learn? 2. How are we going to teach it? and 3. What if they don't learn the materials? If we can accomplish these questions within our Race to the Top, we will continue to succeed."
Williamson also plans to develop a forum within the school building.
"We know our teachers are all in the same building, but some of them never get to see each other." He stated. "I believe this will help our teachers communicate as well as learn from others on what systems do and don't work."
The next work session for the program will be Dec. 17 as the school system will be holding an early release.
The regular agenda items included: approving the "Lil Vikging Cheer Camp" to be held on Jan. 28 through 31 and a half-time performance during the Hardin Northern Boy's basketball game on Feb. 1, The approval of Dave's Repairs Unlimited for bus maintenance and repairs for 2013 and the second reading of the following board policies and administrative guidelines. All three of the acts were approved by the board.
The next school board meeting will be held on Jan. 2. The meeting will begin with an organizational meeting at 6:45 followed by a budget hearing and the regular meeting will begin at 7:30.