OTTAWA - An anti-bullying message seems to be the theme at Ottawa Elementary, as Dean Brinkman spoke at the O-G Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5.
"We have started the 'Theme of the Week,' and have had themes like 'Have a dream,' and Share your time. We have had several students express positive anti-bullying message out of these lessons," said Brinkman. "We are very happy with the outcome, and would like to continue with the messages that these themes relay to our kids."
Brinkman went on to talk about the annual bakery bingo and the art spectacular on March 11.

"We have always done a bakery bingo and this year we would like to add an art show to show off our kids art. We are going to call it the 'Art Spectacular,' and all parents and grandparents will be invited to join," said Brinkman.
Jason Selgo also took his turn giving the update for O-G High School.
"Last Wednesday our sophomore and juniors joined others in the area at the Ottawa K of C for an ACT boot camp. We have had a great response from the area parents, thanking us for helping their child prepare for the ACT. In the past parents have called and asked what they can do to prepare their child, and we have never really had an answer but now we have this to offer. We would like to make a few changes for the future, but we would like to continue this annually," said Selgo.
Over 350 students attended the boot camp from Putnam County.
Scott Ketner spoke on Glandorf School and their upcoming events as well.
"Don't forget we have the Putnam County Science Fair coming up this Saturday starting at 10:30 a.m. We also just celebrated 'random acts of kindness week to help teach kindness as well as leadership throughout our school. This also ties in with the anti-bullying message, and helps students in the right direction. Our Blue Ribbon Breakfast was a great success as we had a large turn-out," said Ketner.
The staff report was given by Justin Closson about the recent new technology that was placed in the Ottawa School System.
"We just added 30 new desk tops to the high school testing lab which frees up the lap tops, and makes them available for the rest of the building. We also are in the process of upgrading our phone system at the high school as well," said Closson.
Under Correspondence and point information, Agnes Recker was moved from five to six hours in the cafeteria effective Feb. 11as well as Dianne Siefker and Mary Corson, also took hour increases to cover retiring members of the school. Theresa Kuhlman was named the new assignment for evening activities and Joe Fortman will be taking over Route 13.
In the Superintendents report, the board was asked to approve a revised agreement with the Putnam County Education Service Center for special education services for 2013.
For the full version of this story, please see the Feb. 13 addition of the Putnam County Sentinel.