COLUMBUS GROVE - Columbus Grove Village Council discussed the current phase of the sewer project. Administrator Jeff Vance shared the project is coming along well, however they have experienced some problems.

"One issue is on Maple St., all the plans I have, told me there was a two inch plastic water line that runs down Maple St. We dug through there and found it's a two inch galvanized line and it's not in very good shape," said Vance.

Vance is looking into getting prices to replace the water line to have it done while working on the current project to get all the work done at the same time. "Prices came back and I thought it was very high. I am calling some contractors and verifying the prices to see if we can get a lower one before we start," he said.

"The other issue we have is on South St. That is a one inch lead service that runs down that street and by EPA rules we discovered that the lead we have to remove from it and it's not a bad thing because there are five houses fed off of an inch water service," said Vance. Vance is looking into pricing to replace that as well and the cost is being reviewed by the engineer.

In old business, council discussed looking into other companies for the repairs on the water tower. Vance stated he knows of several other companies who offer similar contracts as Utilities Service did. He will be looking into other companies rates to compare with Utilities Services.

New business included the third reading of ordinance 2013-02 the trash ordinance and council approved to adopt the ordinance. Council member Jim Karcher moved to continue the CRA agreements which was approved by council. Finally council approved the third reading of ordinance 2013-03 to increase the water rates and council adopted the ordinance.

Council member Skyler Mayberry asked council if he should begin to look into finding groups to perform for the concert in the park series. Council agreed they would like to continue the events throughout the summer months. Council also spoke about the community garage sales and spring clean up. Garage sales will be the week of May 4 and the spring clean up will be the following week. Council will meet again on April 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the municipal building.