COLUMBUS GROVE - At Monday night's board of education meeting the members discussed financial reports, bills, and hiring of different personnel.

Treasurer Mark Ellerbrock brought the financial report to the board and informed them about a bond millage reduction. According to Ellerbrock, "The county auditor recommended a reduction down to about 5 mils, that will save about 118 thousand dollars district wide on our state tax bills for this coming year." Ellerbrock also spoke about making a change in the energy bill for a savings.

The board also hired personnel, supplemental personnel and a substitute nurse. The board hired a new Family Consumer Science teacher, volunteer girls basketball assistant, and a substitute nurse. In relation to the hiring of the nurse, Superintendent Nick Verhoff explained, "we need someone else to have in the event of the current nurse or sub not being available."

The board also spoke about the Apollo report, principals reports, and the superintendent's report. The board will meet again on January 15 with an organizational meeting at 6:30 and the regular meeting after.