COLUMBUS GROVE - Columbus Grove Village Council met on Monday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. for a public hearing. Several members of the community attending to voice opinions for the Risser zoning change request. The lot was requested to change to a commercial lot for the possibility of a Dollar General to be built.

The planning commission met and their opinion was to not change the zoning request. One resident spoke out saying allowing the zoning change would show other businesses they are willing to bring in new business. Other residents voiced their concerns with the possibility of the Dollar General putting places out of business by offering lower priced items. Ultimately the council had the final say on weather to grant the the zoning change request. Council decided to vote against the changing of the Risser lot with a vote of four to zero and one abstained.

The regular meeting started after the public meeting was finished. The council approved the minutes from Oct. 22 meeting, the bills and the reports. Chief Nick Gilgenbach brought the police report to council. Gilgenbach discussed the new reporting system the police department received. It makes work more efficiently for the officers and they are happy with the new system.