COLUMBUS GROVE - On Monday, Jan. 14 Columbus Grove Village Council met for their regular meeting. One item discussed by council included a new contract brought by the village of Ottawa.
The village of Ottawa sent out a contract to every village in Putnam County stating new terms regarding the use of the aerial ladder truck. In order for the village of Columbus Grove to be able to use the ladder truck they must sign a contract agreeing to pay for the use.

The fire chief, Bob Brubaker attended the meeting to dices his thoughts on the situation. Brubaker and the council felt there was no need to sign the contract because Columbus Grove could receive aid from Bluffton if they need it. The village council did not make a decision to sign or not sign the contract at the meeting. Brubaker informed the council there will be a county fire meeting where they can bring up any questions.

Council also approved bill, cash report, the income tax report and appointed the tax incentive review council. The village council will meet again on Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m.