COLUMBUS GROVE - The Columbus Grove village council met for their regular agenda meeting on Monday, Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. Some important topics on the agenda included payment of bills, the police report, administrator report, and the resignation letter for the Fiscal Officer Janet Hermiller. The village seems to be back to normal after the June 29 storm, but council is still discussing and approving repairs for buildings that were damaged during the storm.

The council discussed bills which included the payment to begin fixing the roof on the fire station, Hermiller explained the village received a little over $20,000 from insurance to repair damaged buildings. The fire station has been damaged since the storm and is in need of fixing.

"It's pretty bad, water is running in and it ruined the cabinets inside," said Hermiller. Other items from the clerk included the finance reports, income tax report, and mayors report.

Chief Nick Gilgenbach attended the meeting to give the police report. One item he spoke about is the possibility of changing the time limit of how long a resident has to take care of overgrown weeds or grass in their yard. The current system in the village allows residents a few weeks before any action is taken and it is becoming a problem in the village.

"I think we are being too nice giving people an extra three weeks. By then the neighbors have to deal with it," stated Gilgenbach. There was some discussion with the council about the changing of the waiting period, but no action was taken.

Administrator Jeff Vance spoke about the farm lease. The council will be leasing the land to a farmer and an advertisement will placed in the paper. Vance also reported to the council about the sewer project.

"Phase one of the sewer project is down to seeding around the water tower and repaving of the sidewalk on Pendleton," said Vance.

Council member Bob Baxter brought up the problem of water not draining on High St. to Vance. "The other day was the worst that I saw," said Baxter.

Vance told council the drain pipe runs by trees and at times is blocked by roots. He will look into the obstruction.

After about 20 years working with the village of Columbus Grove, Fiscal Officer Hermiller submitted her letter of resignation for her retirement effective at the end of Dec. Mayor Ken Wright read the letter of resignation to the council and thanked Hermiller for all her work. The council gave Hermiller thanks and discussed the date for the personnel committee to meet in order to began the process of hiring someone for the job. More information will be given about the position at a later date.

Other items the council discussed included old business such as the planning of Hall Ave. park land. Vance said a contractor would be looking at the land and the possibility of turning it into a residential spot. Other old business included discussion of the appointment of the fourth member of the board of zoning appeals. The council will make recommendations of who should be appointed to the position at a later meeting.

The council will meet again on Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m.