PUTNAM COUNTY - Putnam County voters will have numerous decisions to make next Tuesday, Nov. 5, during the general election. This will include one general issue regarding a tax levy for the EMS and several school, community and township issues

There are eight village issues on the ballot for residents living in five communities including Cloverdale, Gilboa, Glandorf, Leipsic, and Ottawa. Most issues are replacement and renewal tax levies for current expenses or fire protection. Ottawa is asking for voter approval for proposed charter revisions.

Township residents will be making decisions on additional and replacement tax issues in five townships including Jackson, Jennings, Monroe, Monterey and Union Townships. Jackson, Jennings, and Union Townships are seeking additional tax levy revenue for either fire protection or current expenses.

Two school boards, Leipsic and Continental, are seeking approval for their renewal tax levies.

The voters will also be deciding on how to fill seats for council, townships and school boards.

Although most towns either have candidates running for the number of vacant seats, three communities including Glandorf, Ottawa and Pandora will have contested races for the positions.

Five of the 15 townships have contested races during next Tuesday's election. This includes Greensburg, Jackson, Monroe, Ottawa, and Union Townships. The most crowded ballot is the Ottawa Township trustee race where seven candidates are running for two open seats. The village of Ottawa also has a crowded race for three positions with five candidates seeking election to the seats.