PUTNAM COUNTY — While Putnam County residents were zipping up their coats, putting on their gloves and tying the scarf on their head to avoid the winter chill, they may have felt they were enduring a record-breaking winter this year.

They weren’t. Residents had to endure 28 days of below zero weather during the winter of 1962-63. During the blizzard winter of 77-78 residents endured 25 days of below zero weather.

So far this year there has been 18 days of sub-zero weather from Dec. 1, 2013 to Feb. 17. Unfortunately, seven of those bone-chilling days have occurred in February.

The average temperature for these months is also higher than records in the past. During December, we enjoyed an average of three degrees more than December 1977. We also were slightly higher, only .3 tenths degrees Fahrenheit, than January 1978, but 8.5 degrees warmer than January 1976. So far this month the average temperature of 12.5 degrees is actually lower than the winter of 1978. So bundle up; this winter is a cold one, but not the coldest ever.