COLUMBUS GROVE — Two visitors brought good news to Columbus Grove officials during their Monday council meeting.

Curt Croy, Putnam County CIC director, announced St. Rita’s will be operating a medical facility to be built in the village. Chas Myers, director of Putnam County Habitat for Humanity, announced they plan to build their seventh house house in Columbus Grove if they can find an affordable, suitable lot.

Croy was present at the meeting to ask the village for approval of a CRA agreement. He indicated Glynwood Management and Development Company will own the medical facility. It will be built on SR 65, on the south edge of town on the southwest corner SR 65 and Progressive Drive. St. Rita’s will operate the facility which will include four full time employees with an estimated annual payroll of $240,000. Croy said this will be a family practice facility.

Council members approved the CRA (Community Reinvestment Area) agreement which provides a 15-year, 75 percent tax exemption on the real property.

Myers told council they are currently working with a real estate agent to find a suitable and affordable property in Columbus Grove for their next house. He said Putnam County Habitat for Humanity have signed a partner agreement with Jodi Young and that she would like to live in Columbus Grove since this is where she attends church and it is closer to her place of employment.

“We will be approaching your service groups and churches because we need volunteers to swing hammers and cook meals,” Myers said. He also told council members there were safeguards in who owns the property.

“If the partner family decides to sell the house we have right of first refusal on who they sell it to,” he said.

Police chief Nick Gilgenbauch told council a ‘repair or demolish’ letter had been sent to the owner of the property on the southeast corner of Main and Cross Streets.

“This house has issues way beyond hoarding,” Gilgenbauch said. “There are severe structure issues.”

A review hearing has been set for 7 p.m., Feb. 10 in the municipal building. The mayor told council they should all attend so the information provided during the hearing does not have to be repeated during the council meeting. This meeting will be held immediately following the hearing.

Council member Skyler Mayberry said they are circulating the conceptual plans for the proposed park at the corner of High (SR12) and Sycamore Street. He said they have had it at ball games and the Union Bank and received a lot of interest.

Village clerk Sandy Langhals discussed the need to change the village’s way they pay officials. She said the wording that makes it a salaried position is correct, but the deductions for meetings missed needed to be reworded or removed.

Council member Pete Langhals said it was important to have some type of wording that addresses a deduction of pay when meetings are missed.

“Otherwise it is easy to abuse the office and not attend meetings,”he said.

Langhals said she would find out the correct wording to use.

Village administrator Jeff Vance said they may have another contractor who is interested in doing a housing development on Hall Avenue.

He also said the city building leak problem was around the vent. As soon as the weather allows the leak will be fixed and renovations to the clerk’s office will be done.

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