PUTNAM COUNTY - The Putnam County Commissioners have approved the full-time employment of Jack Betscher as the Putnam County Administrator beginning Jan. 1, 2014 until Dec. 31, 2016. In the past the, commissioners had a contract with the Putnam County Educational Service Center regarding his employment.
The ESC employed Betscher and the county contracted to use him 116 days per year at a rate of $429.63 per day payable to the ESC. He has worked on this part-time basis for the county for the past two years. The remainder of the days Betscher worked for the ESC.

"We decided to do this because his recall of past issues and knowledge is very valuable to this office," said Putnam County Commissioner John Love. Love said his hours were being reduced at the ESC. "We also knew we have enough duties to keep him busy full time in our office."

The commissioners said his background in solid waste, landfill management, issues relating to water/waste water, budgeting/finance and management among others were among their reasons to hire Betscher on a full-time basis rather than part-time.

The Putnam County Commissioners had paid $49,837 annually to the ESC for Betscher's services. They will now pay out $75,000 plus fringe benefits annually to employ Betscher.

While employed with the Putnam County Educational Service Center Betscher was responsible for adult education, migrant education, and adult education programs.

Betscher had formerly served as Putnam County Administrator from 1994 to 1997. He also worked at the Putnam County Educational Service enter for 16 years.