OTTAWA - On Thursday Jan. 3 the Putnam County Commissioners met for a final hearing for the Road 5 widening project. This hearing was to discuss the southern portion of the project.
The commissioners along with the Putnam County Engineer, Terry Recker and deputy engineer, Troy Recker, Putnam County Prosecutor Gary Lammers, and members of the public.

As the resolution and findings for the project were read by Lammers, Terry Recker gave the engineers report and approval for the project.

One Pandora resident asked about a hill on the road, which is a problem when driving to see over, Troy Recker explained it would be leveled down. No other public comments were made during the hearing.

After the resolution was read for the record, the Putnam County Commissioner passed the resolution allowing for the southern portion of Road 5 project to go forward. A vote of 2-1, Commissioner Travis Jerwers being the against vote, passed the resolution.