OTTAWA - On Tuesday Nov. 6 the Putnam County Commissioners held their regular agenda meeting at 10 a.m. One item approved by the commissioners was the bid for the Alfred Kramer single county ditch project. The sealed bids were opened and tabled on the first day of Nov. After review of the bids by the engineers for the project, the Putnam County Engineering Department and by their recommendation the commissioners approved the bid for Buckeye Pool and Trucking in the amount of $13,203.90.

Other items approved by the commissioners on Nov. 6 were the approval of dental insurance for employees and authorization to transfer funds for an advance needed for the Niese Ditch project. Now and then purchase orders included purchases from the ADAMHS board, capital improvements, county, prosecutor, sheriff and treasurer. There was also a travel purchase order approved for the corrections officers Tim Kramer and Clint Friemoth to convey Ricky Bixler from Leavenworth Co. Jail, Kansas on Nov. 11 and 12.

On Thursday Nov. 1 the commissioners held their regular agenda meeting at 10 a.m. A resolution was approved by the board for the Putnam County Local Emergency Planning Committee which is responsible for maintaining and tracking the reporting of hazardous materials. The committee is also responsible for responding to incidents where hazardous materials are released. The commissioners approved to submit a LEPS Plan Review "Update" to the Emergency Management Agency certifying the LEPC has found it necessary to update amend or revise to maintain the plan.

Other items the commissioners approved on Nov. 1 were approval of home funds for program costs, office of public safety for other and capital improvements for the complex. The next Putnam County Commissioners agenda meeting will be on Thursday Nov. 8 at 1:30 p.m. in the Putnam County Courthouse.