By Leslie Noia
Staff Writer

OTTAWA - On Thursday, Nov. 29 the Putnam County Commissioners held a meeting with the newly elected sheriff Mike Chandler to discuss organizational and budget items. The commissioners wanted to meet with Chandler to talk about a few items before he takes his seat as the sheriff for Putnam County.

Commissioner John Love spoke about the budget and vehicle situation the police department currently has. Administrator Jack Betscher informed Chandler that they are planning on purchasing two new vehicles. One thing Chandler talked about was the transportation at the jail. Chandler expressed the need to eliminate some of the vehicles at the jail. "I would like to see a smaller van for the transport vehicle and they could get rid of about three or four of the cars that hang out around there," stated Chandler.

Staying with the vehicle topic, Commissioner Travis Jerwers asked "what do you think about (the road deputies) taking the cars home." "I would not do away with that. Not only does it put a car at his place and its accessible, if you assign one guy with one car it will last three times longer if you put a car there and have several different people run it no one will take care of it. Also if there is a problem with the car you know who to go to," said Chandler

When asked about continuing the DARE program Chandler was unsure about it. "I think it is a good program if it targets the right age group. They are not absorbing it, it's over there head," stated Chandler

Betscher also spoke about the Putnam County Wellness Program. He explained that different departments hold a "lunch and learn" to help educate the Putnam County employees about wellness. Other topics discussed were community corrections board, safety committee, the changes in storage, and grant monies.