OTTAWA - There has been a few accusations in some letters to the editor printed in our paper as well as others. The statements concerning the Putnam County Administrator Jack Betscher and whether or not he should maintain his job as county commissioner and that there is dissension among the commissioners and Betscher has led the commissioners to address the comments.

The commissioners wish to make a public resolution declaring and upholding the support of Betscher in the position of county administrator. Commissioner Travis Jerwers wanted to share that he nor any commissioner has had any quorums with Betscher. "Betscher is a great asset to our office, he is diligent and thinks things through. I think it is unfortunate about what people have said about him. We love working with him," stated Jerwers. Jerwers moved to adopt the resolution and Vince Schroeder seconded the motion. The resolution was approved by the commissioners.
A resolution was also adopted to transfer Dick Meyer from the commissioners office to Putnam County Job and Family. Meyer is needed at Job and Family to assist the agency in the operation of the High Wind 2012 National Emergency Grant.

Meyer is under the authority of the commissioners as is Job and Family Services and this transfer will be considered a lateral transfer of position. Meyer's current wage and benefits will remain the same. Because of the transfer it was necessary to create and approve a new position title, NEG Program Evaluator. The commissioners and Job and Family agree that Myer will transfer back to the commissioner's office at the completion of the NEG grant.

Separately, the commissioners approved now and then purchase orders which included the approval of a washer and dryer for dog and kennel at $850, slab scissor lift for $3,500, and landfill closures and maintenance for Niese Leasing, oil change, block heater, and batteries on leachate truck for $1,100.

On Tuesday Nov. 20 the commissioners discussed the need to advertise for sealed bids for the purchase of one 2013 conventional handicap bus. The bus is need for the Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The sealed bids will be received at the office of the Board of County Commissioners until 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 20. The bids will be publicly read aloud for one 2013 conventional handicap bus. Chassis and body specifications for a 60 passenger rated, three-wheelchair position school bus can be picked up at the Brookhill Industries. The alternate of an air conditioning unit is part of this specification and it to be bid separate.

Other items approved on Tuesday were now and then purchase orders and travel requests. The commissioners will meet again on Tuesday, Nov.27 at 10 a.m. in the Putnam County Courthouse.