CONTINENTAL-County Road E, northwest of Continental, is a picture of industry this summer. Heavy earth movers force a road closure as they remove the old, outdated wastewater lagoon with a new lagoon filtration facility.

Miller Contracting Group, Inc., Ottoville broke ground on the 2.5-million-dollar project in May. According to Continental village administrator Kathy Prowant, around 500 customers will benefit from the new system.

Continental officials determined the need for a new system after the village was placed under findings and orders from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - essentially a mandate - to update its sewer service.

"We didn't have the capacity to sustain the village," explains Prowant. "This will allow us to offer more efficient service to customers."

Michael Leis, a part-time employee of the village and its water and wastewater superintendent, will administer the completed facility. tow full-time Continental employees will assist following its completion which is scheduled for December 2013.