CONTINENTAL - During Continental Village Council's regular meeting on Jan. 14, Mayor Terry Dockery, Sr. informed Council that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is willing to work with the Village on the Order of Changes issued by the EPA to help improve water service.

Mayor Dockery said a certain number of council members must take management courses through RCAP (Rural Community Assistance Program); the EPA will pay the fee for the courses. The Order of Changes, which will also help the Village return to compliance with the DBP (disinfection by-products) rules, were then approved by Council.

Village Solicitor Scott Welch reported The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) had contacted him about abating fines and penalties for people who should have filed the first couple years that Continental's income tax was in place. The one percent tax was implemented in 2012.

After the meeting, Welch said that the Village would look at each property owner's situation on a case-by-case basis. "We want to see taxpayers pay their taxes and people who were not aware of the tax to pay taxes without stiff penalties and fines," Welch explained.

Mike Varner was re-elected as Council President. Kathy Prowant was appointed as Village Administrator, and Steve Aelker was appointed as the Water/Wastewater Superintendent. The Council also appointed Village Committees.

Mayor Dockery informed Council that an offer has been made to a prospective street/wastewater employee. If the person accepts the offer, he will then be hired.

Aaron Geckle, owner of the Pirate's Den, sent a letter to Council asking permission to have a beer license for the establishment. In his letter, Geckle stated someone is interested in renting the building to put in a bar and a pool hall. The Mayor said Council must approve the license, due to the close proximity to the church. The church must also give permission for the license. After a brief discussion, Council approved the request.

Council also discussed installing a drop box at the Village offices for residents to pay bills, as bills can no longer be paid at the bank. Village Fiscal Officer Shelly Coble will research drop box options and report to the Council.

A resident who had a water break during the cold weather had asked for his sewer costs to be forgiven. Water/Wastewater Superintendent Mike Leis questioned if the resident had been billed for Village employee's time to turn water off/on during repairs. Mayor Dockery said there are ordinances in place that the resident cannot be billed, so the Village must follow current ordinances.