By Leslie Noia

Staff Writer

CONTINENTAL - Over the last couple weeks there have been several coyote spotting in the Continental area. One dog has been reported killed and one dog seriously wounded. Nick Brown, a Continental resident knows first hand how dangerous coyotes can be because his dog was attacked. Brown's 12 year old reverse brindle Boxer, Dre was attacked by two coyotes on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22.

His dog was at his sisters house located on South Third St. in Continental when the attack happened and when Brown got there he knew it was bad. "He had a 4 inch gash on his back left leg and was bleeding from his lower lip," stated Brown. Brown shared his story of the events that night, "My cousin let him and their other dog Tinker (a small dog, jack russell and pomeranian mix) outside around 8:30 to 9 p.m. They were only outside for a minute or two and then the small dog came to the door barking and scratching. My cousin went back out to yell for Dre. She saw him laying in the yard but he wouldn't get up. I was told she seen two dogs running away, that were described to me as what a coyote looks like and after looking them up she was sure that's what they were. So she went out there and seen his leg was cut up and bleeding. They carried him in the house and called me."

After he arrived he saw the wounds on the dog he called the emergency vet in Lima. The damage was done and Dre was was in bad condidtion. "When I picked him up and seen his other legs were torn up too. He had deep bites and tears in his back right leg and smaller ones on his front," stated Brown. The vet did emergency surgery and repaired ligaments and tendons in his back right leg and removed damaged muscle from his back left leg. "They (coyotes) also pulled hair or fur from his teeth, which the vet told my brother in law was not normal household dog hair. All in all he got 60 staples and seems to be pulling through ok," Brown said.

Dre has been on a slow recovery, "he isn't really using his back right leg at all but it may take time seeing how there was so much damage to the ligaments and tendons," stated Brown.

"Coyotes are usually pack hunters and go for small game, but if they were in the yard going for the small dog or the neighbors dog, Dre would've intervened and defended his territory," Brown said. "If they come up to a bigger dog one will have their attention and the other will strike, hence the reason his back legs were hit from the sides. In most dog fights involving two dogs, they will cause damage to their neck, ears, or face and even front legs. He had no damage to any of that. The cuts on his front legs were from behind," informed Brown.

The dog that was killed was located in the trailer court on the east side of town. According to police chief Arnie Hardy, "there was one dog that was killed that lived in the trailer court, it was just let outside and it happened very quick." Right now a lot of rumors are going around about the coyotes and the police department has went to every one they heard had an attack to confirm the rumors and they have only found one dog that was killed and one that died. "There have been a lot of citings in town which is strange that they are coming into the town," stated Hardy. "One women who lives in the trailer court works second shift and said she saw what looked like a coyote eating out of her cat's food bowl," shared Hardy.

The police department has been in contact with ODNR and they stopped by on Wednesday, Nov. 28 to get information from the police department. ODNR and the police want to be on the same page and make sure they have the same information. ODNR informed Hardy that the reasoning for the coyotes coming into town could have something to do with snow. "Last year there was not a lot of snow and that is how hunters track coyotes. Because of the decrease in snow the hunters did not kill as many coyotes and now the population is increased and their food supply is low," shared Hardy.