Michael Lammers - Putnam Sentinel
Commissioner Michael Lammers participates in the shooting training that county deputies and corrections officers recently went through. (Putnam Sentinel, Martin Verni)

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PUTNAM COUNTY — For three days last week, county deputies and corrections officers took advantage of an innovative simulated video training course. Offered through the County Risk Sharing Authority, which provides Putnam County with its liability insurance, this training module gave county deputies and corrections personnel the ability to act out common scenarios and then assess their actions. A demonstration of the training was attended with the county commissioners, with a number of different scenarios explored.

The focus on the training is de-escalation, as explained by Steve Flory of County Line Firearms who was contracted by CORSA to provide the training, “We’re only allowing, with rare exception, 25 percent of these scenarios to end up with a fatal confrontation. Can they go one way or another? Yeah. But, we’re trying to design it so we’re not shooting the heck out of everything, and we’re using our heads more than getting guns out all the time.”

While watching one of the training scenarios unfold, Flory walks everyone through how the different possibilities can be played out, “This guy [on the screen] is so angry. He might not even know that [an officers is] there. You need to make sure that he knows...

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