OTTAWA - On Jan. 9, the monthly flood mitigation meeting was held at 8 a.m. in the ESC building. Steve Wilson, former Hancock County Engineer and technical adviser, answered questions concerning the next steps for the flood plan.

The Steering Committee wrote out a few questions for Wilson to answer at the meeting. One question was, what is the status of extending the current date for using the three million dollars from the state of Ohio. "Right now the money has to be spent by June of this year. There is no way to do that with the full three million, they (state officials) do not think it will be a problem to extend that to 2015," answered Wilson.

Jeff Loehrke introduced who will be working on the project Dick Meyer is the coordinator for the project. Meyer introduced Paul Yoder, with Turf Concepts. Yoder is the head of the company that received the bid for the job. "As far as the project goes, we started getting out on the feild in monroe township on Dec. 6. Working in a couple of other places like Miller City. Where we are having problems are is the weather, it is too soft to move the wood," said Meyer.