OTTAWA — Patricia Clementz, Cloverdale, a former maintenance custodian employee for Putnam County, has filed a small claims case against the Putnam County Commissioners with Commissioner John Love named as the defendant. The case indicates she is seeking her sick pay after being discharged on August 28, 2013.

According to public records in the Putnam County Commissioners office, Clementz, requested upon her doctors orders, a change in the description of her work duties due to certain disabilities. Upon review of the request the commissioners denied the request stating she was unable to perform the essential job duties of her position. The records cited the Ohio Administrative Code 123:1-30 that allows for involuntary disability separation.

Records indicate that Clementz on Sept. 10, signed an agreement that provided for her to be paid for her unpaid vacation time. The agreement also advised she should apply for disability benefits.

The commissioners indicated verbally that she was to apply for disability prior to her receiving her unpaid sick leave.

Putnam County Commissioner Jack Betscher, said normally you loose your sick pay once you leave a government job, unless you are employed at another government job, then the sick pay is transferred to the new government job.

In this case the commissioners agreed to pay her sick pay if she filed for disability coverage.

Records indicate Clementz has accumulated $2,664.51 in sick pay.

When the commissioners were informed she had not filed for disability, they stopped the payment.

In a phone coversation with Betscher, Clementz, indicated she had been advised byher attorneynot to apply for disability.

Clementz then filed a theft charge against Putnam County Commissioner John Love claiming the money had been placed in her account and then taken out. There is no record of any transfer of money.

This theft charge was investigated by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and turned over to Special Prosecutor Joseph R. Burkard, Paulding County, for review. In his statement Burkard indicated “I do not find that there be criminal charges filed.”

Clementz also filed a discrimination charge with the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, stating discrimination based on her disability. The hearing for this filing was held in Columbus on Tuesday, March 18. Betscher and Love were in attendance at hearing, but Clementz did not appear. The case was thrown out when she did not appear.

The small claims case will be heard by visiting Judge John T Rohrs III, on April 10. Clementz is seeking $1,916.78 in small claims.

Clementz began working for the county in December 1998.