GLANDORF — In 1834 a group of farmers left their home land in Glandorf Germany to establish a new life in the wilderness of Northwest Ohio. Lead by the Reverend John William Horstmann they purchased land in Putnam County Ohio for $1.25 per acre. They started a community and called it “New Glandorf” later shortened to”Glandorf”. Many families still trace their roots back to Glandorf Germany. In 1975 a group of Glandorf, Ohio, residents with the encouragement of Pastor Raymond Seifert traveled to Germany to reconnect family ties. For almost forty years there has been a unique relationship between the Village of Glandorf in Ohio and the community of Glandorf in Germany and many friendships were established.

This year the Village of Glandorf, Ohio, will be hosting 54 guests from Glandorf, Germany. There will be a welcoming ceremony on Wednesday Evening June 7:oo PM in front of the Glandorf Village Hall.

On Saturday, June 28, at 2:00 pm, in the new Glandorf Elementary School, 140 Church Street, there will be an opportunity to listen to stories recited in the Low German dialect. This was the common language that was spoken by our German ancestors when they immigrated to the United States in the early 1800’s. Although Low German is no longer commonly spoken in Germany or the US, there is a strong desire to preserve this once common language. A group of the German visitors will be reciting stories in Low German, and also present to the Village of Glandorf a book containing the stories in Low German with an English translation for the enjoyment of future generations.