Leipsic Community Center - Putnam Sentinel
Over 1,500 people from as far away as Indiana attended the grand opening of the Leipsic Community Center this past Saturday. (Putnam Sentienl/Steven Coburn-Griffis)

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LEIPSIC —On Saturday, Leipsic’s downtown took on a festival air as well over 1,000 people turned out for the grand opening of the Leipsic Community Center. And it was — and is — people about and for whom the dream that is now a reality was first conceived.

“This entire week I’ve been wondering how in the world do I give just a quick overview of a 34,000 square foot building,” Kristen Pickens, the center’s director, said by way of introducing the facility to the throngs of celebrants at the opening. “There is just so much I wanted you to know...

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