COLUMBUS - A common confusion that the Putnam County Sentinel fell victim to is that between OhioMeansJobs and JobsOhio. The two are, in fact, separate entities and are not under the same umbrella.

Connie Wehrkamp from Gov. John R. Kasich's Communication Department helped clarify the two.

"JobsOhio is the private nonprofit economic development entity created under House Bill 1 under the General Assembly in the Governor's first two years of office," explained Wehrkamp. "And JobsOhio is completely separate from OhioMeansJobs which is an online job finding search engine. That was actually created in 2008 under the previous administration. We know this confusion has been pushed around by opponents of the Governor."

"OhioMeansJobs was something started in 2008 with a partnership with so the searches are part of what has available on its website," Wehrkamp continued. "The point of OhioMeansJobs is to be as helpful as possible to anyone seeking work. It has always allowed users to see any job openings. Unfortunately, especially when it was launched five years ago, the state was in a position where an out-of-state job may have been the only option. Counties like Van Wert and Paulding that are right on the Indiana line might go to Ft. Wayne for work. It recognized those realities. I think at the time when the program was set the people that set it up in the previous administration didn't think it made sense to hide jobs from people and that is something that has been carried over as the program has matured."

The program OhioMeansJobs is completely separate from JobsOhio and is part of Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as Benjamin Johnson, deputy director for ODJFS office of communication of explains.

"That is our website [] here at the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services." said Johnson. "Neither we nor the website has anything to do with JobsOhio. If JobsOhio and other similar entities are responsible for the business side of economic development we are responsible for the employee side of economic development and for making sure there is a trained workforce of highly skilled employees and they have the skills that the local employers need and then, most importantly, to make sure that Ohioans who are looking for work are matched with businesses who are looking to hire."

"Since it was launched in 2008 it has always been a part of Ohio Job and Family Services. The employment center in Putnam County is, right now, known as Putnam County Accent and it is part of Putnam County Job and Family. But one of the things that is going to happen to all of those employment centers is that they are going to adopt the name OhioMeansJobs. So it will soon be known as OhioMeansJobs - Putnam County. It will reinforce the idea that it is a separate system and is under Job and Family Services. The intent is to diminish confusion so people and businesses know where to go, whereas now they are all different."