OTTAWA - On Thursday, Feb. 28 the trial for Jeremy Stober continued. The defense called Stober to the stand as a witness and the jury listened to his accounts of the alleged sexual misconduct and the closing arguments were made. The jury was given instructions at 1 p.m. by Judge Randall Basinger and is now in deliberation.
Stober's testimony included questions answered for why he was sending text messages to the alleged victims. One victim he shared was confining in him about personal issues she was going through and he felt she was helping her.

According to the alleged victim he began texting her while she was in middle school. His testimony claimed he did not even have texting then.

Stober admitted that he was wrong to text the girls as much as he did and also said it was inappropriate to discuss personal matters with them.

Another alleged victim who was not a volleyball player or student of Stober's claimed that he sent her a message while in class. Two witnesses testified that they were there when she received the message because she did not have the number it came from. One witness who was a volleyball player testified that she looked up the number and found it was Stober's. However, Stober claimed during his testimony that he did not text her first she came to him with personal problems she was having.

During closing arguments Prosecutor Todd Schroeder went through all of the alleged victims that testified. Schroeder pointed issues to things the defendant said that didn't match up with what witnesses have said.

The defense attorney John Fisher stated "the evidence in this case is paper thin." Fisher said he and the defendant admitted sending the text messages was wrong and he violated school policy, but according to him that does not relate to the charges against Stober.