Noah Recker shakes the bottle to make a tornado as his classmates watch
Noah Recker shakes the bottle to make a tornado as his classmates watch
KALIDA - Chad Goergens is a 2011 Kalida graduate who is currently studying meteorology-geography at Ohio University. Goergens returned to Kalida for spring break and agreed to share some of his knowledge with the children at Kalida Elementary.

Cheryl Koch, first grade teacher at Kalida had contacted Goergens about coming for a presentation. Koch was Gorgens first grade teacher and he can recall her knowing he would someday have a career in the weather field.
"Even at a very young age I was fascinated by the weather. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Koch, could even see my fascination for the weather and she "predicted" that someday I would become a meteorologist," said Goergens.

Goergens is currently a sophomore at Ohio University and is also a student forecaster for Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis, which is the meteorology lab on campus. He is also a co-advertising chair for the club which is named Ohio University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (OUCAMS).

"At Ohio University, OUCAMS is very active and we have a passion to do as many outreach events throughout each school year as we can. That is why when I was asked to come in to my old elementary to speak about my passion (the weather) I was thrilled," said Goergens.

Goergens shared, "Just this school year alone we have done several big outreach events. We not only invite local schools to campus for a tour of our meteorology lab and weather station along with a weather presentation, but; we go to local schools."

This past fall the group went to a local elementary school and helped with the COSI on Wheels program. However, the biggest event they do each year is Storm Fest. Storm Fest is held at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA and is open to the public (it's kind of like COSI).

"We go as a student organization and help do weather phenomenon demonstrations for the kids and anyone interested in just learning about the weather. While there, we do many hands on activities with the kids also. This year, they invited Nick Walker from The Weather Channel, so we got to meet a well known national broadcast meteorologist," said Goergens.

Joining Goergens at the presentation on March 8 in Kalida, was another Kalida Alumni, Alex Vorst and three other students who also attend Ohio University majoring in meteorology.