KALIDA- The Kalida Village Council met on Wednesday night at 7 p.m. for their regular meeting. Due to Mayor Alan Gerdeman being absent, Council President Dick Schulte called the meeting to order. The council discussed the updates for the park board and bids received for the Eastown Dr imporement project.

A few minor things were changed in the bylaws regarding the park board after meeting with the members. Jason Birkemeier read over some of the changes to council which included some wording regarding maintaining the park which was taken out and a request was made to add endowment funds. "They had a question around the budget, I changed that language to read capitol budget specifically," stated Birkemeier. Birkemeier shared with council that they also changed the language to read that the secretary does not need to be a member of the board. Council will continue with the next steps for the park board.

Separately council also discussed the bids received for the Eastown Dr. improvements project which includes storm sewer installation, road excavating and stone base construction to begin in February. Engineer Greg Bockrath shared that he did receive 14 bids for the project and the lowest bid was All Purpose Contracts. Bockrath recommended awarding the company All Purpose Contracts to the project. A motion was made and approved by council to award the bid to begin the project.

Council will meet again on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. in the Kalida municipal building.