KALIDA - Kalida Village Council discussed changes for the park board at their March 18 meeting. One of the biggest concerns council members have heard include the number of members that will be a part of the board.

At first, council had in the bylaws for a board of five to seven board members. After some discussion with different organizations, council members found that five members would be ideal for everyone involved. An issue was brought to attention about some of the members of different organizations having a problem with being on the park committee. "The biggest concern is the amount of members and where they are coming from," said council member Jason Birkemeier.

An amendment made to the bylaws included, a number of five members to sit on the park board, at least one but not more than two members from the Lions Club and Boosters, and up to three members of the public appointed by the council. Council also discussed who should sit on the board and what organizations they represent. Some members from organizations like the Boosters, were unsure if they would be able to get members to be a part of the board.

Discussion about the possibility of only having two members from Lions and Boosters could become a problem. "We already have a problem; I'm trying to fix it and see how it works. I think too many people look at the past and think its nothing but a fight," said Birkemeier.

Old business council discussed included East Town Dr. updates. Engineer Greg Bockrath explained they are waiting for AEP to finish their project. Bockrath explained that weather has been a factor in the project. He also brought to council the bids he received for the storm sewer project and recommended Hohenbrink Excavating for the construction. Council approved the bid.

Luke Hermiller attended the previous village council meeting to discuss the need to look into a new street sweeper. Hermiller told council about a sweeper he could inspect for its condition. He reported the sweeper was in good condition and what problems would need to be fixed. The village is looking into selling the old street sweeper to another village as well and is waiting to see if they can sell it before purchasing a new one.

Fire department members attended the meeting to speak to council about the need to replace the brush truck. The members spoke about getting a loan to help fund the truck. They are going to look into getting a truck at a discount rate by purchasing a demo off the floor.

The fire department originally looked into applying for a grant but has been turned down three years in a row. Council informed them that they might be under budget on some street improvements and the members will attend the next April meeting for more information.

Kalida Village Council will meet again on April 1 at 7:30 p.m.