KALIDA - Kalida's village council members entertained a request for additional security hours from Kalida Police Chief James Gulker at the top of Monday's regularly-scheduled council meeting. Chief Gulker presented Council with a proposal that 16 hours be added per weekend in response to a recent spate of break-ins experienced in Putnam County.
"Two things come to my mind, That's basically a 50 percent increase of part-time hours, and with that an increase of mileage and time on the cruiser," said Council Member Jason Birkemeier. "Those are all going to be expenses that they'll incur."

Mayor Alan Gerdeman expressed concern over increased potential for crimes in the form of thefts.

"We don't have someone here," said Kalida Attorney Jennifer Klausing. "If there's a problem or a break-in at 3 a.m., the on-duty sheriff's deputy is in Leipsic. We're talking about a response time of 20-plus minutes until they can get to this side of the county. "

The additional police time allows for village police coverage six days each week.

The increase will cost the village approximately $8,800 per year. According to Gulker, his office has enough funding to cover the increase this year. A motion to approve the request was made by Council Member Glen Recker and passed by council.

On behalf of the Kalida Park committee, council member Dick Schulte reported that 95 percent of the playground equipment is set along the new Road M facility and that grass is seeded. Klausing is preparing application for submission to the IRS in order for the park works to obtain 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Other Council business included:

• Request to block traffic on State Route 114 near the new Kalida Park for a two-hour period during "Christmas in Kalida" as the Kalida Chamber of Commerce is investigating an option to relocate the celebration from the downtown area;

• Updates on sewer improvements on Front, Second and Plum Streets

• Upgrades to 6th and Ralph Streets