KALIDA - Aside from a few that need to be moved, Kalida's sidewalks are in and most will be ready for Pioneer Festival pedestrian traffic the weekend after Labor Day. But visitors to the new village park off Road M have a wait for sewer service there.

"We'll need $280,000 plus in order to do it," says Ron Knueve, Kalida Board of Public Affairs member. "We did order an emergency generator for the sewer plant. It was $54,000 for that. We're going to be pretty well tapped out. I don't know where the park board is with their sewer line, but it isn't going to happen for us this year."

"We're probably three, maybe five years out because next year we're going to have to take the payment for the tower out of that capital improvement, the painting," adds fellow BPA member John Schimmoeller. "There's going to be $70,000 out of that. I know the prints are out there for that new building in the park. They're gong to need sewer. It's going to have to come out of the general fund for now. That's going to be about $56,000 to get it to the corner where it needs to be."

"We've got about two blocks of transit water line that we're going to have to get in place yet.," added Knueve, referring to storm sewer lines that have yet to be installed on Front St.

"We'll coordinate it somehow," responded Kalida Mayor Alan Gerdeman. "In the meantime you'll just have to start saving your nickels."

Other council business included:

-A village resident expressed interest in purchasing Ron Kahle's home near Plum Creek, minus the flood plain land. Council rejected the issue of purchasing the bottom land.

-Council tabled discussion on raising shelter house fees at the park.

-Keith Meyer presented a request from St. Michael's Parish Council to install signs to denote parking for the elderly near the church's Fourth St. entrance. Council member Dick Bockrath emphasized that signs should not use the word handicapped.

-Village Council President Richard Schulte asked council if pizza could be purchased for the crews who have been clearing log jams, storm debris and performing other related work in and around the park as these individuals are doing heavy work for very little economic return. Council declined as a whole. Schulte and Gerdeman will provide pizza out-of-pocket.