KALIDA - Kalida Village Council met on Monday, Feb. 4. The police chief spoke about the need to purchase a rifles for each police cruiser. Mayor Alan Gerdeman also gave the annual State of the Village.

Police Chief James Gulker brought the police report to council. One item he spoke about was the need for a rifles in the police cruisers. In light of the recent events like Sandy Hook, the police department in Kalida is looking into ways to better prepare themselves. One way is carrying a rifles in the police cruiser for an emergency situation.

"I feel like it's time. A lot of other villages our size have rifles in their cruisers," said Gulker.

Gulker explained that they would like one in each cruiser. "This is the type of weapon criminals now are using or the equivalent of it," he said. Each officer would be required to pass a qualification in order to have the rifles. Costs for the rifles, training and ammunition could be about $600 according to Gulker.

Mayor Gerdeman gave the state of the village address, highlighting important events in 2012. "I do want to thank the village employees, elected official employees and volunteers that made 2012 a fantastic year. Some of the major projects, infrastructure, we are still working on infrastructure which I think is very good for the future of the village. One of the biggest issues we had to deal with was the controversy around the wind turbines. I think we came up a good idea when handling the situation by asking the village resident's what they thought about it. I think it is a clear statement that the residents in the village or majority are in favor of economical development and also very open minded about projects like wind energy," said Mayor Gerdeman. Mayor

Gerdeman also spoke about the June 29 windstorm and the finances for the village. "Financially we are in good shape, we ended up with 15 percent more money than we started with. I think it goes with the relatively low unemployment in Kalida," said Gerdeman.