By Leslie Noia
Staff Writer

KALIDA - On Monday, Dec. 3 Kalida Village Council held their regular scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. The meeting had a number of residents in attendance to voice concerns and opinions about certain issues. One issue was about the proposed wind turbines.

The village of Kalida had an issue on their Nov. ballot whether or not to allow the building of wind turbines in the village. This issue was passed by the village and some residents are still sharing their concerns with the project. One resident said "People were willing to use Van Wert as a point of reference to listen to how loud they were but we did not use Van Wert in the point of reference to the fact that they have them at least a mile out of village limits." He went on to say "KMI is trying to control costs and I understand that but there is a fine line between controlling costs and maximizing profits. I wish them to make all the money in the world they want, just not at our expense."

Another question that was brought up was if KMI is allowed to build two wind turbines is there going to be a limit to how many can be built in the village. The ballot was worded in a way that could be confusing to residents and they wanted to know what council's view about it was. Council member Glenn Recker said "We have to base our decisions based on the information that is given to us. If someone else in town wanted to put one up we would have to look at that particular situation."

Another concern that was brought up by a resident was an issue with lights shining into their windows from The Meadows of Kalida's parking lot. At night the employees at The Meadows of Kalida turn their headlights on and they shine into the homes located across from the parking lot. One resident said it was so bright it didn't matter if you closed the blinds or not it was still shinning through into the house. This concern has been brought up before and council decided to try to look into contacting The Meadows about the problem once more. The resident asked if they could put up a fence to prevent the lights from shinning through and council agreed to ask them about it.