COLUMBUS GROVE - Sandy Langhals might sound familiar because she writes for The Vidette. Langhals has also taken on a new career in Columbus Grove as the new fiscal officer.

Although she is originally from Pandora, Langhals has lived in Grove the last 11 years with her husband Paul. Together they have three boys, Jerry, 16, Rob, 10 and Roy, 8. With her plate already full Langhals still finds time to be involved in the community. She is a Putnam County Hospice volunteer and used to help out with the preschool bible school. She is also involved with the school. "I am also the parent guild treasure with the school I try to stay busy doing different things," said Langhals.

Langhals has had some previous experience with a job similar to Columbus Grove's fiscal officer. Langhals has worked as a fiscal assistant in Lima at West Central Learning Academy prior to her new job. Langhals worked there for over three years and this past summer she received her MBA in public administration. "When this (position) opened up it worked out really well because it goes hand and hand with what I went to school for," shared Langhals. "I was also an administrative assistant in Ottoville but that wasn't a lot of fiscal work," Langhals adds. One of the biggest plus sides to her new job is the proximity. "That was one of the biggest perks. That it is right here in town," said Langhals. Especially with the winter weather, which is already here, Langhals is not going to miss driving to Lima anymore.

Like most new jobs, Langhals is still getting the hang of things, "it's a little nerve wrecking. There is so many different steps and processes to things. Not only am I the fiscal officer, but I also do the tax administration and the mayor's court," shared Langhals.

Although she is new to the position, Langhals is excited to start her new job. "It will definitely keep me busy, that is one thing I like about it I won't be bored so I am excited about that," Langhals commented. The former fiscal officer, Janet Hermiller was a lot of help in the learning process Langhals stated. "She was here for about a month with me so that was awesome! I wish she could of stayed until the end of January too! I was thankful I at least had a month with her. I couldn't imagine just walking in here and trying to figure it all out!" Langhals shared.

Langhal's job is actually three jobs in one. The fiscal work involves, accounts payable and receivable and other finical things. The income tax requires her to send out all the income tax bills and collect the money. Finally the mayor's court involves dealing with anyone who got a ticket and needs to come to court and collect the money or send out any bills. "Tax season will be coming up so it will be really crazy," says Langhals.

On her spare time Langhals enjoys going to watch her two sons play basketball. "I enjoy going to their games and watching them play, " she said. Other hobbies Langhals enjoys include walking, reading and volunteering.