LEIPSIC - A proposed ordinance that prohibits animals from disturbing the peace has raised concerns from some residents in Leipsic.

The ordinance establishes that any persistent cackling, crowing, howling or any other animal noise considered to disturb the peace as a minor misdemeanor.
During Monday's council meeting, council members Sue Schroeder and Rick Recker said residents had approached them with concerns about the issue. Both said residents are concerned they can no longer have animals within the town.
Mayor Kevin Benton said he has also been told some people were concerned that 4-H students could not raise 4-H animals within the corporation. Benton said it was important to clarify the ordinance.

"This ordinance does not prohibit residents from having animals," he noted. "It just gives our law enforcement something to use if an animal causes problems."

Schroeder noted that the ordinance does say it has to be frequent, habitual and constant to constitute a disturbance of the peace.

Police chief Dennis Cupp indicated that if his office receives a complaint about a repeated violation of the ordinance, he will send an officer out to witness the infraction.

"I would need that for it to hold up in court," he said.

Recker said he was told that council is "...getting too nit picky." Schroeder said some people feel this is getting into people's private business.

Mayor Benton said he is a proponent of private property rights, but when you live within a small community, you also have to consider when you are infringing on your neighbor's rights.

"We aren't ordering anyone to get rid of their animals," Benton said. "We are just asking that people control their animals."

Council approved the second reading on the nuisance animal ordinance.

They also approved the second reading on a cell phone policy for employees. This resolution would allow full-time employees to use their personal cell phone with reimbursement being the cost the village pays for the business cell phone service.

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The Second reading was approved for a resolution supporting the Putnam County Commissioner's application for financial assistance through the Local Government Innovation Fund Program.

Council members gave their consensus for the village administrator to proceed under the guidelines of the nuisance property ordinance on the Maag's Hotel Building. Administrator Kevin Lammon reported that no repairs had been made to secure the building. Lammon said a registered letter had been sent and received by the property owner on record.

Lammon also announced the village leaf pick up for the week of October 14. Pickup west of the CSX Railroad will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Pickup east of the CSX will be Thursday and Friday. Resident are reminded not to place their leaves in the street, but rather to place them on the boulevard.
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